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Credit Monitoring – For the Good Times

Posted on 2014-10-02 09:00:07

Couple Enjoying Meal In Outdoor RestaurantYou have worked hard to maintain good credit habits, and you’ve got the credit score to show for it. Do you need a credit monitoring service? Aren’t those just for people trying to dig themselves out of a bad credit history? Not at all. A credit monitoring service can be just as useful to a consumer trying to maintain a good credit history. That’s because consumers have little to no control over what gets recorded on their credit reports. Here are 3 reasons everyone—even someone with good credit—should monitor his credit report: 1. The information in your credit report affects credit decisions from whether or not you get a loan to the terms of a loan. A higher interest rate can take an extra chunk out of your wallet every month. 2. Keeping an eye on your credit report can help guard against identity theft. Identity thieves often open new credit in a victim’s name, and most lenders report new accounts, as well as payment history, to the credit bureaus. 3. The information in your credit report is constantly changing. New information may be added daily. A squeaky clean credit report today could be hit by fraud, identity theft or an error tomorrow.

It’s quick and easy to see your credit score!
MyFreeScoreNow MyFreeScoreNow provides daily credit monitoring and a monthly credit score update. The monitoring alerts let you know whenever there is a significant change to your credit report. Only you will now if the new account added to your report is legitimate or not. Only you will know if the late payment reported on a credit card is accurate. Only you will know if Fred’s Appliance had a legitimate reason for looking at your credit report. Tracking your credit score over time (even if it’s an “educational” score) helps you see how changes in your credit behavior are affecting your credit. Every consumer should be paying attention to his credit report on a regular basis. It’s easy to push that to the bottom of the To Do list. A credit monitoring service works in the background, keeping close tabs on your credit report so you can go about the business of life, but still know when your credit needs attention. The information gleaned from a credit monitoring service can be a powerful tool to improving your overall personal finances. Test drive it with a free trial.